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I have been doing the PHAT program for the past 6 weeks and have just torn my ACL playing soccer. I was wondering if I should continue with the PHAT program and just leave out the lower body day until my knee is fixed or should I go back to a different program. Let me know your thoughts.
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FUUUUUUUUUUCk dude. Sorry to hear about your injury man :/ that sucks. Keep your head up though!!!

If I were you I would do exactly what you said with upperbody. Sounds legit.. It will be 3 days a week but you can schedule it so it is 4 if you want.
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Thanks mate. Injuries do suck. It seems that everytime you think you are starting to do well at the gym something happens to set you back, but I suppose you get that playing sport. Anyway, that's enough self pitty. Time to get back into lifting some serious weights... upper body only though.
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