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What da fuk is broscience!
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Bro.. Science.

Science of brothers.

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It's 'science' based on what one dude told another dude, who heard it from another dude, and now everyone is saying it and many people blindly believe it (because if everyone thinks it's right.. well then it must be). But in essence it is not based on science, and it is simply contagious bullshit!..

Like someone in the supplement industry telling everyone how you must use casein protein at night to prevent your body from eating away at your muscles for energy. You then see thousands of guys spewing the same nonsense on all the bodybuilding forums.. This is bro science. It is derived from bullshit.

Or the ' you must eat 7 small meals a day to boost your metabolism and feed your muscles consistently' - that must sit in the top 5 broscience bullshit list.

Thankfully, I think broscience has taken a big knock in the past 2 years or so. Many more people seem to base their opinions on real science and real test/result experiments. So a lot of the nutritional broscience is not as common as it was before.
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Some broscience:
- fats make you fat
- carbs make you fat
- glutamine is a useful supplement
- high reps tone muscle
- no carbs before bed or will store as fat
- isolation exercises shape muscle
- cannot absorb more than 30g of protein at one time

Just crap that sounds like it makes some sense but has no scientific backing whatsoever. Either that or a supplement company is pushing the idea to sell their product.
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shockingfit private msg quote post Address this user
Explained here
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