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now that i have your attention...

i have gathered you all here to introduce myself.
my name is Alexander Valdez Dominges Monotello Donikowski. i know i know sounds like a mouth full but you can just refer to me as alexander valdez dominges monotello for short unless of course you like having a mouth full then just do your thing.

i recently got into bodybuilding because i am an aspiring porn star. I recently came accross by first big opportunity in Ghetto Booty 15 and i have only a few more weeks till try outs. i want to be extremely shredded by this time.

im currently 5'2 160lbs with a majority of my weight in my biceps and neck. as a kid i was made fun of a lot so now i just bang girls and get paid, phuk the naysayers. if you have actually read this entire post and would like to provide me some advice and feedback it would be greatly apreciated. sscuntout!
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hi determined how r u
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@seansm10 slut!

@Thor why u m8ing for bro?
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