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Torso is falling behind3626

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I started hitting the gym a lot harder these past few months. I noticed my torso fell behind the rest of my body. I call my shoulders back and arms the frame to my upper body since it looks one. my frame is a lot larger than my torso. My chest and core look small compared to my frame. Has anyone else experienced this? I workout my chest and core just like I work out anything whats going on? Is the weight I do for chest and core too light?

chest looks something like this compared to the rest of my body:

unlike what I would want which would be something like this:

you can probably see the difference in the chest area.
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MrMailliw private msg quote post Address this user
So do more sets for chest or mix in different rep ranges if you don't already, chest sounds like a genetically weaker area for you.

My arms are what I find hard to grow, back and delts are easiest and chest is good.
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drakula private msg quote post Address this user
i never said my chest was weaker. I said the way it is developing isn't the way i thought it would. Intead of taking on the almost L shape at the outside bottom it is more round and isn't as long as the guy in the second pictures. Could this be because I haven't worked it enough yet? And what can I do for core? I'm already going at the heaviest weight possible whilst doing 25-50 reps per set. Even if it was 'Genetically weaker' like you said, I would still be able to get it stronger with hard work FYI.
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MrMailliw private msg quote post Address this user
Chest shape, width and how it fills out when muscle is gained is all genetic. Pictures would help us understand what you mean.

25-50 reps on abs won't grow them, they aren't an 'endurance' muscle as a lot of bros would say.
Train them exactly the same as other muscles and they will grow strong and thick (if that's what you want).
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Dukenhiemer private msg quote post Address this user
Mostly genetics, I was blessed with a chest but I have a hard time growing my delts, traps and arms. My back, chest and legs all grow pretty well.
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