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Originally Posted by NorIda
What everyone else is saying.
Looking Good man!

Do you only workout in your Garage? or do you have a gym membership as well?


yes i have a gym membership. i actually dont use my setup at home unless its something i can do with an ez bar and dbs since my barbell is bent... i need to aquire some olympic weights now
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Do some pull ups!
I'm jelly of your body, no homo, especially those pythons! Keep it up!
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aha thx man...ya i have nice pullup and dip bar but i live so damn close to the gym i just use the stuff they have ac and it hot af here
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now i got a new way to record everything by just taking notes on my phone and using screen shots... makes it way easier and nicer...


got one more rep out of the 260 than last time so this is progress ... feels good
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felt great today.... havn't done deadlifts in a while and decided to go back to them today...
ended up getting 8 reps out of the 340 for a pr and a few heads were turned as well...felt GREAT...

a guy actually approached me after and asked me to teach him how to deadlift too... so that was a first...PR PR
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Doing work!
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@SRorhrbac0808 seeing your set up really helped me out... i appreciate all your support man

i think i was just lacking volume in the auxilary workouts...

this last week has felt great so far
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Adda boy! Keep it up man!
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@SRorhrbac0808 DUDE! 5/3/1 IS AWESOME!!!!!!


skipped the last of the three 531 lifts and went for a few heavy singles instead.

before you all beat me up on technique
i have already noted two things i did wrong...
1. the jerk at the beginning of the lift
2. the hyperextension at the end of the lift
k now beat me up...
srsly tho if there is anything else i need to fix, criticism is sincerely appreciated.
my buddy that was recording me corrected me on those two points right away and i pulled 425 right after that.
sorry no recording on that one...but still....HUGE PR!!!!

the rest of the workout felt great and i was sweating like crazy...
overall, feel really great right now!
thank you everyone for the support thus far! today was a good day.

also, first time rockin the conquer t... it must be good luck
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Awesome work man!!!! You made 405 look easy!
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It be different if this was for reps so Its kind of hard to be nitpicky about form since this is close to maximal weight and also good lift, keep up the good work.

jerking is/can be a minor/major problem but most professional weightlifters do what they call "pulling the slack out", dave tate talks about it in one of his deadlift videos.

From my point of view You shoot your hips(your lift starts with your hips getting high and your knees almost locking out), shoulders go forward over the bar, which causes you to basically stiff leg your deadlift thats why your lower lumbar partially rounds.

This is Derek Poundstone and im just using him as an example, pay attention to his hips as he starts the lift and in general the whole first rep. You notice how everything seems in "one piece" basically, everything is in sync then when you watch the rep he fails on what happened? His knees were pretty much locked, hips extremely high which in return caused all the weight to be thrown on his lower back which caused him to miss the rep. Also notice how the bar basically never leaves his legs? its tight against his body.

But its hard to use him as an example since his deadlifting style is a tad different (round upper back) compared to your arched lumbar position.

When im deadlifting if the bar doesnt travel up my legs I probably, A.) lifting too much weight B.) setup wrong C.) shoot my hips/didnt pull the slack out.

Pulling the slack out is a good trick that im still trying to get down, helps with applying tension instead of jerking at the weight.

Thats just my 2cents, if eknight sees your thread im sure he could give a better opinion.

Good luck.
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