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My 30day challange! (help :P)3518

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Since this will be my first post on the site I'll do alittle introduction.

My name is Roger and I'm 19years old. I have been training for about 2.5 years, however only the last halfyear has been with a "good"(better than before) training plan, and good technique. (I took a half year study as personal trainer, Still I feel like there is so much I need to learn, and from what ive been reading SS is a site full of knowledge!.)Though there was no teaching in nutrition, the other half year is for that.
- Im 187cm in height and my current weight is 78kg in the morning. Picture provided at end.

The situation
So my situation is that I will be going to a festival in 30days, and for the first time I'm going to try to cut. My goal is the be as cut as possible, and visual goal is to have 6pack.

My training program I've been on for the last 2 weeks is PHAT(changed it alittle, just some exercises). That is weights mon,tue,thur,fri,and saturday. And I think it's ok to continue on this? So wednsday and sunday im free. And I have been reading alittle around on the forum and found this:
and thought it might be a good idea to do this on my free days? I have a high exercise tolerance so I think that will be ok. Other than that I read in a another cutting thread that "EK"(the man with 3000 posts^^,)did 2cardio sessions a day before competition, is this something I should consider? And thinking about throwing in on the offdays?

work I have a part time job that makes me work at random times even night sometime so food is mixed up. Other then that im ready to train!

Nutrition (oh gawd :< )
-So here comes the part where im a real retard. Untill for 2 weeks ago I think it would be honost to say I have never read the backside label of food.My only thought on food has been to have atleast one large meat meal a day and drinking my protein shake. Which suprisingly has been enough to let me have ok/slow progress.

-I've always been eating bread for breakfast, and two more meals each day (3meals with bread) , but its much calories. My mind is conservative, and gets angry if it doesent get its bread. Would I be ok to keep two of them;x ?
-My BMR calculated by online calc is 1940calories. And with harris benedict formel(3-5times a week one) im at 3000 ish a day. So where should i aim? Though I feel like beeing total in control of the calories will be difficult(oh well il makeit!)
-Will stop all candy and soda from this moment
ive written it, cant turn back.

Pictures + i look crap on the pictures ><
-I followed a link from here(ss) to to see my bodyfat. And guess im somewhere between cut13% and defined10%. since they appear slighly, but not all defined since the ones at the bottom dont show even if i flex. Is it about right?

1. In boxers because hey I dont care and im relaxed.

2. Me holding what just has to go.

Pictures are from 10mins ago btw.

Want to be cut in 30days, I workout alot(correction on workout?), suck at nutrition. Wat do? +Is it obtainable in this amount of time?
---- ----
Appreciate all and any help and comeback, looking forward to the replies, also please ask any questions if there is something ive forgotten or you want to know.

Sincerely Roger ^^,
---- ----
+ Inb4 you need to bulk and gain mass. I know, but I want to look as good as possible for this, also its a nice experience for me to know what is required for next year. I will bulk after summer!
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Seems like the pictures dident make it. Il just link then

+going out il be back in 60mins
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So... where is the edit button? >< So anyway I forgot to mention that my supplements are whey protein 1-2times a day, and I take Jack3d before training on weightlift days.

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there are plenty of great articles on nutrition here, do a thread search. You will need to get that in order first off.
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You really need to have just a good diet which is below your maintenance, and do proper cardio sessions mixed in with some HIIT. Do some proper ab exercises and keep correcting ur diet to allow u to lose fat but not muscle.

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Yes David! my first priority will be to set ut a good diet, actually already from today I will try. Australianaok; Ok Il insert the ab workout ive listed above into my program then!

Any thoughts on the rest of the training ive put up there?
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Nice to read a thread that has good structure and has been thought about before posting!
Not really in a position to give advice but will defs be following your progress, good luck brah and look forward to checking out pics in 30 days time!
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Update nr1: Its been five days since i started.
-I started of alittle too hard on the diet i think, on around 1800-2100 calories a day. Because of this ive lost 1-2 kg already and feel like a shrimp. However a good portion of it came of the stomach too (I dont have camara atm, will post progress on end 2.week)
-Too compensate for this I cooked up 1.2kg of chicken today which will be a extra meal everyday with around 150-200g +salad!
-Other than that, I have started with 2-3slices of bread with eggs and a glass of milk as breakfast.
before training ive bought some nuts!
after training shake -> dinner: which eat lots of different stuff, but mostly good meat+salad maybe 1 potato.
-Im not sure what i will have for a lastmeal, atm I think il just have a slice of bread with cheese or something and a glass of milk!

any thoughts or suggestions? Also would still like to hear some feedback on my training program

Roger out!
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Sooo! Update nr2!(if anyone is reading ^^,): Finished with the secound week!
-Everything is going almost acording to plan! I've had one slip where i ate alot of peanuts :< Ive started to do complexes every wedsday and sunday and sprints on weightlift days when i have excess energy!
-Todays weight was 77kg both in the morning and now.
Here is the promised update picture! (I might be alittle more tense here, since i just came home from training)

I couldnt see the lowest abs when i started, now i can see the outlining and see them ok when i flex! so there has been progress even though it might be hard to see on the picture!
As for next week im super motivated and think il try upping the cardio, since its only two weeks left!

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Keep it up seem to be doing good. Keep the motivation going and good luck.
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Okey, the last day was yesterday and today im going to the festival! I've had a few cheat meals, that got too big, so the difference from last time is not much.
Im sorry to say that I did not make it in time, to get the abs as defined as i wanted, due to lack of time. However im happy for the results anyway, because there is a huge difference!
End result while flexing:

time to party hard ;D
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Your legs seemed to have blown up aswell? Perhaps it's just the camera angle!
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