For some reason i wasnt able to post anything in my other thread???? anyways..

Ok today was upper body strength and i have gone with the method of doing 5x5 with two warm up sets:

Bench Press: 2 warmup sets - 3x5 - 85kgs
Chin ups wide grip: 2 warmup sets - 3x5 - 5kgs
Military Press: 2 warmup sets - 3x5 - 50kgs
Close Grip: 2 warmup sets - 3x5 - 70kgs
Barbell Curl: 2 warmup sets - 3x5 - 45kgs

Forearm and calf workout - as they are lagging

Today was a workout i really really enjoyed, i dont usually get a pump with strength but i just felt i had a good workout. For some reason at the moment my bench press i just so smooth and easy and its just destroying my chest some people dont work their chest well with bench but for me it is killing it. also i dont know whether it is the start of a new program or what but my motivation, dedication and especially mind muscle connection is amazing at the moment. i feel like i am learning alot about my body and bodybuilding too.

Lower body tomorrow morning!!!!!