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I started off as a runner so I just naturally started weight lifting with a similar style to running and that's endurance. Nothing crazy but I have always done sets of 10 reps to 12 reps. The problem is that I can do a multi-rep max but my 1rm is pretty far off what a multi-rep calculator tells me.

I'm 5'10" and 174lbs. For example benching I can do 200lbs 10 times but struggle putting up 250. Squat I can do 315lbs 10 times and can't get 400lbs once (only tried once). Maybe it's just that 1rm calculators are just off.

It really doesn't bother me too much that I can't 1rm very well but I feel like I should be able to be putting up more weight with one rep. I'm curious to see what you guys think.
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In my experience, 1 RM calculators are less accurate as you go up in reps. Use 6-8 for a more accurate gauge.

To improve your 1RM (and overall strength), work in the 3-5 rep range on your compound lifts. Work on supp/comp exercises to address sticking points.
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How do you work up to a one rep max.

Give us an example of the sets and reps you would do to work upto your one rep max in Squat and Bench.
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Anything higher then 5 is in accurate IMO.
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Right now to work on my one rep max my workout is:
4 sets of 6 weight: 65% of current one rep max

4 sets of 3 weight: add 30lbs to previous weight

4 sets of 1 Weight: add 30lbs to previous weight
If completed without a spot then increase starting weight 5lbs

This is the heavy part of my workout. I also do dumbbell and body weight lifts as secondary (dips, dumbbell bench, flys, lunges, wall sits and jump squats)

I've had really good gains on my one rep max in both lifts but they are reaching a plateau. My problem is I'm still completing the workout without a spot after about 3 workouts and increasing the starting weight 5lbs every time I complete it.

That is the part that is confusing me. Im increasing weight in my workouts but my one rep max isn't increasing. So my one rep is hitting plateau but my workout for my max isn't.
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