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Diet and Routine Update2152

varunj17 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Guys

After a lot of help, advice and critique from all of you, I have developed a diet chart for me for gaining lean muscle.

Any further sugegstions will be most welcomed.

Also I will be startting a PHAT routine from next week, just tweeing it a bit , taking idead from the PHAT threads here, as I wanna keep it to 5 days
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
How are you going to gain with such little carbs? What kind of ratio are you looking at there interms of p/c/f split, and how many total kcals are you looking at? -EK
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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
varunj17- yeah brotha I can see your food selections are great! These are for sure the types of foods one needs in order to see the best results.. Only thing is I would change your white bread to maybe some gluten free bread.. maybe ezekiel bread? Make sure you got above 1 gram of protein per body weight.. And if you want to gain "lean muscle" I would figure out how many calories you burn in one day and make sure your are eating about 250-500 calories over the amount you burn.. But you got it bro! good luck to yah!

eknight817- I see what you mean with a small amount of carbs: Monday=3, Tuesday=5, Wednesday=0, Thursday=2, Friday=0.. Honestly this sorta looks like carb cycling to me and this would give him lean gains with out the bulk (just my opinion). If it works for varunj17 that is great.. I feel one should have as many carbs as their body can handle.. That maybe every meal for you or maybe only one or two meals for someone else... Personally I eat about 7 times a day and have carbs with every meal but my last (that is bulking for me).. When I cut my carb days look more like varunj17.. I even have a buddy who I workout with who can only handle carbs once or twice a day and none on non workout days... So I guess it depends on the person and their carb tolerance
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dwatson private msg quote post Address this user
I dont really care about you food selection, it does look like good foods chosen, but im interested in your overall marco/micro intake.

How much do you weigh and what is your goal? Add your macros up and post back.
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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
Good point dwatson.. gotta know them totals to make sure you got enough calories in the nutrition plan.. add up total calories, fats, proteins, carbs.. etc... However, Idk if I wouldn't care about his food selections, you know? I mean after all you can get mad calories and proteins in a big mac.. but they wouldn't be lean gains.. I rather him pick some foods that are healthy options.. feel better, look better, lift better
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varunj17 private msg quote post Address this user
Thnks guys for your advice...much appreciated

my weight right now is 174 lbs..i am 6 ft tall..

my goal is to build up lean muscle( half of Naso , zyzz or rakich ) for which I have been trying hardfor the past 3-4 years...but the results havent been as expected..
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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
I would have carbs every meal aiming for maybe 300 grams (oats, brown rice, ezekiel bread.. complex carbs). And try getting around 250 grams of protein which is 1.5x your body weight... Play around with these numbers to find what fits for you best.... I wouldn't go lower then 200 on proteins though. It will feel like your stuffing your face but if your eating clean you will have "lean muscle".. Just make eating your second job. Eat, Eat, Eat.. Get your metabolism up..
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varunj17 private msg quote post Address this user
thats what i have been doing...eating like a pig

my people at work think i m nuts...peple in the public transport think I m on my way to the gym i take out my pre wrkout shake with oats and
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varunj17 private msg quote post Address this user
Started the PHAT routine..into my 2nd week..wasnt able to execute all the moves on Hypertrophy days...

i have read in this forum a lot about the original PHAT that different from layne norton's Phat rputine?

Also can someone send me infor and links about the original and the best GVT?
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