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Popeye25 private msg quote post Address this user
for chest and shoulders i love dbs. obv for delts u have to and db presses i prefer over military but for chest is there anything wrong with usind dbs for flat and incline but no bb press?

yesterday i was training at home . all i have is a pair of dbs wer u adjust the weight(fuck annoying) and a barbell with plates. so i do chest at home(stopping now) anyway had the music blaring and was going for gold on the bench lol. rep 5 =struggle,rep 6=extereme struggle, somehow got rep 7 rep 8 and went for rep 9 like a retard got that bitch half way and was stuck. boom bar hits my chest and im stuck :L had to throw the plates off 1 side ruining the floor :L

also i feel db presses way more than bb on any pressing excersize. can i just do purely dbs ? at least for like a couple months r wen i get a consistant training partner
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry to hear about your floor. But the same thing (or worse) could've happened with DBs. Either way, I think it makes sense to recruit a training partner or spotter.

I think DB only chest exercises will be fine for a short period (maybe 2 months or so), especially if you are more concerned about your physique than achieving a new 1RM or competing in a power lifting meet.

Long term it makes sense to focus on barbell presses because it's closer to a full body exercise than an isolation exercise and you can lift more weight which will improve muscle growth overall.

E.g., states, "Findings all flood in the same direction as to say that the larger the amount of muscle mass is stimulated simultaneously, the more the testosterone level increase."
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MrMailliw private msg quote post Address this user
Only thing I use a BB for is squatting, everything else is bodyweight or dumbbells (and machines for a couple of exercises).
Will switch it up when I stop making gains or feel like a change.
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Popeye25 private msg quote post Address this user
ya im focuses on purely mass currently. my friend is prolly gna do 5 3 1 with me in mid april or may so thats wen il incorperate bb bench again. il use it if i plateau on dbs.

i lied barbell cus i could add like 1 kg per week and build it up. i cant really do that on 2bs cus ours go up in 2.5 kg each db which is a big difference. id be hittin 1 weight x 10 and the next heaviest x4 r 5.
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adam82a private msg quote post Address this user
I got the same problem popeye, having a hard time finding a training partner, my old one dont have time anymore since he recently became a father. Other friends dont care about lifting weight. The only one that actually goes to the gym regularly is my boss... he tries to teach me all kinds interesting weight lifting facts. I once asked him if his whey protein had a good amino acid profile, his response was "Oh it doesnt contain any amino acids its just pure protein".

When he said that I wished they banned people from my gym... I am not saying im a guru EK-style but sometimes... idk some people.

At the moment it feels like DB hits my chest better than BB in presses.
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Popeye25 private msg quote post Address this user
ya im 17 and all my friends do go to the gym but only go like 2 r 3 times a week. theres a couple of not so close friends that go often which is who im gna do 5 3 1 with in the future.

my good friends that go to the gym all say they wana build muscle but take unneccesary weeks off every couple a weeks. lie they already only go 2 to 3 times doin for the most part chest and arms throwin in the rest every now and then. im tryin to get them serious .
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david12345676 private msg quote post Address this user
i hope you can find a spotter, i hate doing chest without a spotter, others days i can deal but w/o one on chest day is never good.
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haole private msg quote post Address this user
you should have stopped at "somehow got rep 7 rep 8". Dropping a BB on yourself or dumping the plates is dangerous. If your going to use a BB just be smart with it when you don't have a spotter.
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IrishGymSheep private msg quote post Address this user
Nah fuck that, just grab someone, do not bench without someone in the room.
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Popeye25 private msg quote post Address this user
i usually dont... nearly died lol.
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