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Lower back (please help)19404

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Need some help. My lower back has been very fatigued/ tired lately. Maybe overtraining it? Just always sore. Mornings it feels alright, but as the day goes on, it eventually gets tired. I work 5 days 40 hours doing construction work. Before work, I do my lifting. Current workout is PPL/PPL rest repeat. I’ve been lifting for about 5-6 years. Always have had an active job. Just started doing PPL 6 days a week about 3 months now? Usually I did upper lower but was liking going to the gym more with little quicker workouts. Just trying to seek some advice on what I should do? Thanks
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Fishbulb private msg quote post Address this user
Haven't checked this site in away, hence the delay...Do direct work on your hips, glutes, hamstrings religiously. I'm the only guy in the gym who uses the adductor / abductor machines as well as the glute/hamstring kickback machine (where the cable is around your ankle), in addition to my normal leg day stuff (squats, split squats, ham stuff, unfortunately I don't do deads anymore, etc). Throw in some glute bridges - one leg and two - and eventually you should start feeling better. Your spine is doing the work that those muscles should be doing because they're weak or essentially asleep.

I've had 3 herniated discs for 15+ years and just last year added this work, as well as an inversion table, to my PPL routine. Back feels better now than it has in a decade.
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