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Anyone with sleep apnea over here?19392

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Can barely handle it yet I just got diagnosed to have marginal extreme sleep apnea requiring a CPAP gadget. I'm not by any means 40, totally not overweight, and train 12-15 hrs/week on average.

I didn't figure apnea could happen to those with generally no risk factors, however, I'm almost certain the outcomes are valid - I once in a while sleep more than 4 hrs/night before awakening (tired) and require loads of compelling myself to lie there until I snooze off before I feel semi-rested. I can't much recall the last time I felt 'all around rested' on awakening, however, I'd been attributing that to my 4:30 AM wakeup for exercises in the first part of the day. Turns out it's because of apnea, not simply the hour.

Any other individual utilizing a CPAP machine over here from the sleep apnea supplies? Also, has it made a difference? I'm dead fair when I state one of the greatest constraining variables for my preparation has been nature of sleep, so I'm truly anticipating seeing how the machine works out.
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Happened to Matt ogus, he has early videos on that.... lad walks around sub10% body fat and has to use the machine daily also.
I get sleep paralyse when I drink and big stress levels. It’s a nightmare, literally.
But just have to do what you can with what you got mate.
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