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Horrible shape, unsure what to do19389

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I just turned 20 a while ago (5-6 months so I thought its relevant to post here).

I'm in seriously horrible shape and I just don't know what to do in terms of cutting, recomp etc. I'm running a high volume hypertrophy brosplit at the moment. I have been trying to train on and on for 2 years, mostly trying to run 3x5 programs and really just getting nowhere and quitting. For the past few months since December 2018 I have been running this brosplit consistently.

Monday - Chest (22 sets total)
Tuesday - Back (22 sets total)
Wednesday - Shoulders (24 sets total)
Thursday - Triceps (15 sets total)
Friday - Biceps (15 sets total)
Saturday - Legs (22 sets total)
Sunday - Either rest or start again with chest without a rest day

I weigh around 195 lbs, 6'0" height, probably 30-35% body fat sadly. I am working as hard as possibly, spending 1-2 hours everyday at the gym having normal food. Should I go in a caloric deficit and try to gain muscle and lose fat or should I just eat at maintenance?

DB Bench press - 65lbs each arm, 8 reps max till failure
DB shoulder press - 40 lbs each arm, 10 reps max till failure
Squat - 203 lbs, 4 reps max till failure

Here are some pics as off today: imgur[dot]com/a/wrC1Zwn
Here are some pics as off December 5th 2018, when I guess I started to train with this brosplit properly: imgur[dot]com/a/z77Pcqt

Basically I don't think I've gained much muscle but probably gained a lot of fat because I am an idiot.

I am commited to making a change, I am wondering what you guys recommend. Should I try to cut or should I try to recomp or whatelse should I try?
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frame private msg quote post Address this user
Try doing some sort of push, pull type training taking as much off days in between these workouts as you need to recover.
Set priority on compound lifts, on pull days: deadlift, chinups, different rows and on push days: bench, squat, dips, side delts.
Do not do much junk volume, but instead do good warmup and then do 1-2 quality sets to failure for each exercise within 6-8 rep range. As far as diet goes suggestion to eat whole foods, exclude sugar as much as possible, do not over eat, just eat as much as needed for recovery or muscle gain, get an idea how much calories you need to eat and what macros to follow by checking faq in stickies.
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kickinchicken private msg quote post Address this user
The first thing you should do is take your honest measurements and get a set of calipers to check your actual body fat. Then remeasure periodically if you really want to know your progress. If you don't then you're just guessing and that's the biggest reason why people don't stick with it. I'd tell you that your split is all wrong but at this point as long as you're sticking with something than go for it. But if you really want to train optimally check out the FAQ sticky.
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