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hey fellas, it's been a long time since I've been around these forums.. was just looking at old logs and thought i'd check in and see who's still left from the OG forum days.

I stopped bodybuilding 3 years ago and have just been busy with personal training and living a healthier balanced lifestyle now..

hope all is well
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@the1 Welcome back!
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I decieded to check up on this forum. Havent been on here for years. Hope all is well the1....

Me myself, iv been traveling the world so i dont train seriously anymore. I train 3x a week (dont train legs) and i eat whatever i want within reason and inject myself with 250 mg of test e every week. Most countries have test e in the pharmacy...(no script needed and legal. ) though i got a script to carry... Bodyfat is maybe 15% still have most of my size . Though i did lose some maybe 25 lbs of muscle. Mostly legs
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this place used to be alive eh, used to have fun here back in the day I was active 2011-2016 daily!

nice to hear from ya @jelet , I've been travelling a bit myself but I am locked into 3 jobs with a flexible schedule but still 45 hour+ work weeks!
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