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Labrum tears in both shoulders19386

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Hello! As the title says, i have had the bad luck to injure both my labrums, the first one (left shoulder) got injured back in 2015 when i was bench pressing, the reason being my left scapula wasn't as stable on the bench as the right, which tore it around were the biceps tendon attaches.
Luckily it hasn't given me much pain, mostly instability, and i have been able to train with it since then, i have however had to throw barbell exercises for my chest or full ROM cable flyes (high to low) in the garbage can, dumbbells, unilateral OHP and machines have worked fine though.

Last week i was doing a push workout, and during a set of dumbbell press the labrum in my left shoulder became much worse, and when this happened i lost control over my right side because of the instability that occured, so it felt like i almost tore my right shoulder off (externally rotated), it didn't hurt much, but the symptoms were pretty much the same as when i injured my left back in 2015, which is a pain deep in front of the shoulder (bicep tendon) and the sensation of locking, popping and grinding in certain movements, and just as in the left it doesn't hurt unless i do certain movements, so i'm 100% certain that it's the labrum in that as well.

So after ~11 years in the gym i've now been forced to stop, the left shoulder is simply too loose to do anything with and when i try it hurts both in the back and front of it, which is new, so i will have to get surgery, and since i don't want the right one to end up just as bad as the left i will ask to get that doe as well.

So i have a question to you who have had your labrum fixed through surgery, how long did it take before you could lift weights that were challenging (<15 reps) and progress again?
Also, ff there's anyone here that have had surgery done in both, how long did you have to wait after the first surgery to get the other one?

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Sucks to here about the injuries bud.
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