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Severe neck and back pain19380

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Well last Thursday, I had two midterms to study for so I didn't sleep the previous night and went through the day without sleeping as well. Then Thursday night, I slept for 15 hours. When I woke up on Friday, I felt very refreshed, however, when the day was coming to an end, my back and neck felt slightly sore like I was working out a bit or something. Then Friday night, my wife and I had played badminton for some time and it was a pretty good game. When I woke up on Saturday, I had an unbelievably sore pain in my back (mainly upper) and neck whenever I was standing or sitting. I thought to stretch it out and taking some ibuprofen would help and it sort of did. Then like Friday night, my wife again played badminton. When I woke up Sunday, my pain was just as bad, so I decided to stretch and take some more ibuprofen. Sunday night we didn't have play badminton but this morning, I still woke up with this pain. Any ideas what really caused it? The night when I sat in front of the computer and studied without sleeping or the badminton game? I had a slight pain before we started playing on Friday, so I'm not really sure what caused it. Also any suggestions as to what I should do to fix this issue would be great. Should I go and consult a massage therapist in Oakville or go to a Chiropractor? My wife and I agreed to lay off badminton for a little while until my back feels good.
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Get it checked out by professionals.

No one here can diagnose what is wrong via internet
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If it’s bad go to physio.

Otherwise I get neck issues and I use microwave heat pack... it help ALOT with this for me. Painkillers just mask the issue.
Also lying on a set of lacrosse balls and rolling on them like a foam roller where ur hugging urself and when getting to tight spots extent arms overhead... hold until pain recedes.

On top of this light weights for high reps has helped me to get blood flowing in the area and overall movement of the upper back and scapular region.
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Thanks for the advice guys
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