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How long do I need the therapy19374

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I have been thinking from a few days about how long do I need a therapy and how do you know when to stop?
Its been almost 7 years since I started therapy for my back. I look back and think of all the meds that I have tried, the different physiotherapist I have seen and the amount of money I have spent. I would hate to add the amount of money that I have spent.
I will not go into any more unless I need to in the future. I will be taking frequent massage therapy sessions and that would do for me. I think I can handle the pain from now on.
sometimes I do decision trees when I don't know what to do. I have done this when I have been uncertain about continuing with services and pacing around. I am pretty tired of not getting the right support, so I think twice before paying. I will only go back to a provider if I feel they understand my experiences.
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We are not your doctor. No one will tell you to stop doing your therapy. Only your doctor can tell you when you are healed.
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As stated above, not a doctor...but I've dealt with back / sciatica issues stemming from a few herniated discs for a while and tried a variety of things: a couple of epidurals, physical therapy, trigger point injections, a LITTLE bit of chiro (they make me nervous), and about 1.5 years of traction therapy 3 days per week. The back / core (hips, glutes, etc) got stronger, but the sciatica never went away...

...until I bought an inversion table (a Teeter, specifically) and within 1.5 WEEKS my sciatica was gone after using it twice per day about 4 minutes each time. That thing changed my life. Again, not a Dr, so talk to yours before trying, but I can't recommend an inversion table enough.
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