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Has anyone ever benefited from traditional acupuncture?19368

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Hello guys,
I am looking for opinions on facial acupuncture. I am 38 years old and, wrinkles have already started to show up on my face. So, I am looking for a few natural ways to rejuvenate my face.
One of my friends suggested me to go for traditional Chinese medicine. She also recommended me someone who offers acupuncture therapy in Ontario. But, I am not a fan of traditional medicines, especially eastern medicines. It is hard for me to believe that a disease can be treated by inserting a bulk of needles through your skin. I am wondering how a lot of people can endure the pain caused by the insertion of dozens of needles on your body.
So, I am just wondering whether anyone has ever benefited from traditional medicines, especially acupuncture? I have seen people claiming that acupuncture is good for weight loss, how much of it is true?
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
How about moisturiser and a caloric deficit ??!!
Help the face and the weight !
More of a chance of actually working !!
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