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I was playing high school football and lifted from 1980 to 1884 during this time my favorites were Superstar Billy Graham and Snuka. Didn't know Arnold till Terminator. Anyway at 165lbs I was able to compete the 3 major lifts for over a 1000 lbs at 5'9 and 165lbs.I wont lie we were to small to squat. We used a leg press instead.I have the certifate also.I got 11 offers to play college football. Boston College saw my lifts and videos but never checked my size.They were looking to me to backup Bill Romanowski. I was stronger than half the team. When they say my size they told me water boys were bigger. So went to the other schools and in 1986 I failed the post concussion test. All the other colleges dropped me. Well besides that I was wondering how those lifts ranked. I never really looked into it. I was scared of gear then because the gym owner and fellas we nuts. Gear and coke would do that I guess. I was lucky I waited till 24 to use gear. But smoked boatloads of weed in high school. Thanks for letting me tell this story.
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That was an awesome story. Thank you for sharing.
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Lol, now that’s a story worth sharing! By change have any coke left , lol
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