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Hey, wondering which progression model do forum people prefer, or which model would you choose from below if you had to pick one:
1) double progression - example: 3x8, increase of weight after able to perform all 3 sets with same weight
2) double progression with total rep scheme - example: set rep goal for 3 sets - 30 reps, increase weight when rep goal is met in 3 sets.
3) intermediate progression - example: 1st week 3x8 100 lbs, 2nd week 3x7 105 lbs, 3rd week 3x6 110 lbs, 4th week deload, 5th week 105 lbs 3x8.
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Personally I've chosen first option, will see how it goes.
If not too well then it seems that intermediate progression is the way to go, don't think that deload week is that necessary tho, maybe only after second weight increase, or if body feels little beaten up for too much.
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The Dark
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If it’s for hypertrophy, then anything but that last one. Your total volume is decreasing as you go. That makes no sense to me. -3X
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aha, I see the point, intermediate progression is purely for strength progress then, or if chosen for hypertrophy goals then other exercises for same muscle have to go up in volume which also complicates a program quite a bit, but still may be useful if strength gains plateaued for longer period of time..
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