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How is my bulk going? Bf esti/ Advice?(pics)19305

NoviceKev private msg quote post Address this user
Hey guys currently 183.2lbs and 18.2% bodyfat according to my scale. Just want to know if i should cut or keep bulking till high 180s and then cut. I still feel my arms and chest are extremly small.

Current lifts.(lbs)
240x1 bench
445x1 deadlift
295x1 front squat, 335x1 back
100x4 weighted dips

What would you do in my position as a natural lifter?

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frame private msg quote post Address this user
I'd suggest cutting until stage when you start noticing decrease of strength on main lifts like bench, squat, weighted pullups, rows etc or until abt 160-165 lbs / possibly even lower to be shredded - it is summer anyway.

Main focus would be keep lifting in ( 5-8 rep ranges), from my experience body preserves muscles better this way, in fact strength might even not drop while you cut, if strength starts to drops, it may be sign you loosing muscle and it is time to stop cut, and start bulking. After such cut you able to bulk up more efficiently since body uses nutrients efficiently at lower BF levels and probably will get new gains that you see next time you cut.
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frame private msg quote post Address this user
the most important is approach to nutrition while cutting, at least 1-2 hours prior training meal must incl decent amount of complex carbs and after training also good amount of complex carbs incl proteins ofc, complex carbs from other meals may be cut out, maybe just a little complex carbs in the morning also advisable, other meals just protein/fat/vegetables + fruits as a snack, such approach works good while cutting, helps to maintain strength on decent level and preserve muscle as much as possible.
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lasjack private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with Frame and I would also try to get at least a few heavy sets in per week (1-5 rep range). I have found strength is critical to preserving lean body mass on a cut.
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