To cut a long story short, there was a video created by a social media fitness guy that caused a bit of a rift in the natural bodybuilding community. Essentially it grabbed the headline from a study of Elite Natural Bodybuilders prepping for competition that showed they favored high carbs. I wasnt really surprised, I mean calories in vs calories out right? As long as there is a deficit whats the issue? Well many people that have competed lost their sh!t, stating that you cant dial in to a show on those numbers etc etc, so here a ran an example.

For the old guard this wont be anything new but I gave my view on why some people might have the view that the numbers were BS or the same old story of... 'all good naturals are on gear' - im not what bearing that would have on this but it was raised.

My first few shows I was on a diet of super high protein because you know..that was the thing.. 12 years later i've been pointing people towards moderate to lowish (relative) protein (even in a deficit) and higher on carbs. That said, I have had people on higher fats who have also been pretty successful so it really comes down to personal preference (you know adherence etc)..

Im actually thinking of returning to the stage this year as a Natty MW (78 / 172lbs), at 5ft 10 im going to be a bit tall so im going to have to get peeled. I summer cut to 182-6 lbs so carrying on for a few more months would bring me at the right weight. I'd 100% go low fat, moderate protein and high carb, as it works well for me.

Probs more a rant than anything