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Water Weight While On Cycle?19282

TheSociaLToasT private msg quote post Address this user
Okay So any help would be great with this.

When in my cycle (Test E 12 weeks, Winstrol (oral) for the last 6 week with test, then 2 weeks after that Clomid for 50mg/day for 4/5 weeks) will I be at my leanest and look the most "Ripped" as I have a very important photo shoot coming up and was trying to work out dates of when I'd look my best with the least amount of water weight and least amount of body fat while still looking "Full".

I hear you gain water weight on cycle and hear you gain it in your pct (or at first you do then lose it) so would you say after pct or in the two week window between my cycle and pct?

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keylemike private msg quote post Address this user
Nice method so far. Even I didn't heard about this method before.
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Wrong forum. -3X
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