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Advice for resolving a winged scapula?19279

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Hey, whats up Guys!

A winged scapula, I've been having this issue for as long as I can remember, never really tried to fix it as it hasn't been an issue, but now I want to resolve it as my lifts are progressing and want to avoid future injuries.
I only have a winged scapula on my right side. This does not cause any pain and only pops out when I flex(most muscular pose). But im sure this is not normal and an injury is waiting to happen.

What is the cause of a winged scapula and what can I do to resolve it?
I'm fairly certain its caused by certain weak muscles but not sure, or what exercises to do in order to strengthen them.


This is what a winged scapula looks like.(Not Me)

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Suggest to do wall slides, controlling scapula motion up and with bands or without, both works.
Like this:
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Thanks man, I’ll give those a shot!

Have you personally had experience with winged scapula, and managed to resolve it?
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I had rather small issue, not major winging scapula as on picture but just slight displacement, that was fixed by these wall slides and additional rotator cuff work for beteter posture. Even slight displacement / wrong position of scapula during continuous exercises if not taken care of may cause a severe injury.. I believe this issue caused me a severe left shoulder injury ( crushed tendon+terrible shoulder impigement - i was even stupid enough to work through pain like a moron until end of workout) that had kept me out of upper body training for about half a year ( pushing movements mostly) and after about a year i was able to push some good weights again and slowly was able to start building up where i had been before in terms of weights that was so depressing experience, wish i knew that before these wall slides up and down and similar exercises will help to feel scapula and serratus natural movements, should make them stronger over time and this will help to have good posture that is a key factor to cure such imbalances.
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