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Skinnyfat, what the solution here19271

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Hey guys

I am a guy in my 20s from Norway, which will start lifting this week. My body is quite loose, when i sit on a chair or so, then u can see the fatrolls, although, i am not fat, because my weight is 185 pounds, and my height is 6 feet 1. I would say that my bodyfatpercentage is around 25-30.

So whats ur advice? Bulking is not a option, because i will just add much more fat, what about maintance, with heavy lifting? And which program should i go for? Should i choose a fullbodyprogram?
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If your bodyfat really is around 30 percent, then you should be eating in a caloric deficit. You should read the FAQ and Routine Design for Dummies which are the first two threads on the homepage of the forum.
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