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Hi everyone,

I've been doing research on carb cycling and I just can't quite understand it completely. A little about myself. I'm 5'9" 158lbs and I workout every other day with some HIIT cardio 2-3 times week. I'm a pretty fit guy looking to shred a bit more. I feel that I'm approaching the plateau stages and this is why carb cycling comes in to play. I'd like to do the low/medium/high cycle. I have seen on the low carb days the carbs go down and the fats go up and protein stays the same. On the high carb days the carbs go up fats go down and the proteins go up as well. other websites say protein stays the same through out, so confused. Can you guys please give me an idea how my low/medium/high days would look like? Are my high carb days suppose to match my TDDE (2200) or high?

Thank you in advance!

TDDE 2200
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