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Advice for Short Lunchtime Workouts(45 min)19250

randallkevin private msg quote post Address this user
Hey -

I'm starting to get into doing workouts on my lunch break, and was wondering if you guys had any resources or advice to help maximize those 40-45 minutes?

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forgottenpass private msg quote post Address this user
Workouts...meaning at a gym? If so, 45 minutes is more than enough to get most workouts done with warm up, hell even less.
As for tips,put your phone down avoiding social media, keep a bottled water so you don't have to walk back and forth across the gym and try not to have unnecessarily long rest times.
...And talk to the hot chick squatting once your workout is finished.
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jostrosky private msg quote post Address this user
@randallkevin Yeah I agrere with @forgottenpass. You can get your whole workout in within a 45 min period. Headphones in and time your rest period so that you know that you are not over extending the resting so that you can maximize gym time. Have your routine planned so that you know exactly where you are going next and also have a back up exercise just in case you are not able to utilize that area due to someone else there i.e. bench, squat rack etc.
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