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hi everyone
so my goal is to shredd and maintain muscle mass. Ive came up with this routine. Can some one check it and give
20 min hiit cardio(sprints or bike)
Upper body 1
Pull ups -till failure×3
Weighted dips(chest wersion)12 10 8 reps
Military press 12 10 8 reps
Overhead dumbbell extension 12 10 8 reps
Barbblell curl 12 10 8 reps
15 min hiit cardio (box jumps or rope jumps)
Lower body 1
Squat 15 12 10 reps
Leg raises 10 reps×3
Calf raises 17 15 12 reps
3 sets of any ab workout
Deadlift 15 12 10 reps
1 hour of easy bike Thu
20 min hiit cardio(running)
Upper body 2
Bench press 15 12 10 reps
Barbblell rows 15 12 10 reps
Lateral raises 10 8 7 reps
Skull crusher 12 10 8 reps
Dumbbell curl 15 12 10 reps
15 min hiit cardio(various)
Lower body 2
Squat 15 12 10 reps
Romanian deadlift 10 9 8 reps
Any 3 sets of ab exercise
Bulgarian squat 10 8 7 reps
Plank 3× till failure
1.5 h of running
Rest stretching
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Studies have shown to maintain and optimise muscle mass whilst in a caloric deficit cardio should be carried out after weight based exercises.
I would shoot into so many cardio sessions per week either because then they have to be maintained throughout the course of the diet...
That’s why u should only start with maybe 2.
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thats great that you posted your workout but what about your diet and thats a lot of running unless you are going to be eating a ton. I mean an hour and a half running on sat alone with 4 HIIT sessions a week i would have to eat 7000 calories to maintain
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