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I read stickies, got inspired and decided to follow upper/lower split for optimal gains. What do you guys think about below split and exercise selection? Is it worth to stick to the same exercises every workout or it is better to choose similar movement exercises on the go, depending on how it feels? Below are only working sets. I am also doing shoulder mobility work with bands and scapula movements before every upper day to keep shoulders healthy. Due to knee issue my lower day is very limited, I do high intensity elliptical cardio for quads and some leg curls/hyperextensions for hamstrings until knee heals up.

3x incline bb/db press
2x lat pulldown overhand
2x lat pulldown underhand
2x flat db press
1x db flyes
3x machine rows
2x shrugs
3x db curls
3x triceps pushdowns
3x lateral raises
3x rear delt row

Cardio+HIIT elliptical ~25 mins
4x seated curls
4x hyperextensions
4x cable crunch
2x leg raises

3x db flat bench press
3x vertical traction/lat movement
3x cable flyes
3x db rows
3x bb curls
3x bb triceps extensions
3x seated db or preacher curls
3x triceps kickbacks
3x rear delt row smith machine
2x straight-arm lat pulldown
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For starters... Hope your leg injury heals ASAP.

A few quick comments/questions:

1. Nix the incline bench altogether. Long story - just do flat bench both Upper days.

2. No deadlifts - due to injury?

3. It's hard to understand what your routine is going to accomplish since you don't include rep ranges. In general, splits with two "upper" days mix low rep ("power days" and high rep ("hypertrophy days".

I think your best bet is to take an existing and well accepted routine and modify that to your liking.
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Thanks @mikew

1)I prefer mostly flat or incline with slight angle over 45* incline.

2)Deadlift is my fav excercise, but unf any form of deadlift aggreviates my knee tendons.

1st upper day: emphasis on large muscle groups, rep range 6-10 for chest/back and 12-15 for arms/shoulders. 2nd upper day: emphasis on arms/shoulders with rep ranges 6-8 for arms, maybe even 10 sometime, chest/back 10-15, shoulders same 10-15.
So there is hypertrophy and power emphasis between 2 upper days per muscle groups.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
@frame "slight angle over 45* incline"? That's practically an overhead press. I have no issue with incline bench, but anything over like 20-25* is too much.

You're doing nothing for Quads?
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Ha, im sorry wrote wrong, hard day at work.. angle less than 45* ofc, it s either flat or about 30* max im doing. All I do for quads is HIIT cardio on elliptical/stepper modification due to knee issue. I know this is sad, but have to stick to this type of training of quads until knee gets healed. Such training still gives crazy pump in quads, so muscle mass in leg dep will be still on decent level, better such type quad training than nothing.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
What's with the knee? Have you tried lunges or step-ups?
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I have not got it examined but I know it is nothing serious, just a tendon injury from overuse, got tendon injury, then did not let it fully recover, had to bike a lot same days it got injured, now it seems to recover, but very slowly, I definitely need to give it a rest in regards of work with weights for some period of time. I will start slowly with lunges and step ups without weight first, then slowly progress with weights if there is no pain. Now I have just to be patient with this.
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Anyway, wondering what would be good routine for advanced? Sometime I think above type of upper lower kicks ass too much due to high volume. It feels really good after such hard training sessions but after couple of weeks, when you pushing body to a limit in every set I sometimes start to think that split like pull/push/legs or back+tri/chest+bi/legs with slightly lower volume mght be more effective, or just the volume/intensity in upper/lower has to be better modified and followed. Once I was able to stick for similar upper/lower for about a month, maybe there was too much volume, then switched back to PPL or similar, despite the fact that upper/lower is much more fun to me. I’m training for about 4 years constantly wihout breaks, only missed like 2 weeks here and there max due to illness or trips, but still could not find my favorite type of split training.. What you guys think about routine choice for advanced lifter? Upper/lower is very fun and smart choice, not that simple as it looks at first sight tho, and has to be carefully modified and followed in terms of volume/intensity.
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Gona try like this for some time now 3days per week, I think should work, later on will update lower day to proper one with squats/lunges as knee heals up. Not sure if there is a reason to go to lower rep range than 6-8 at this stage, maybe only if just first exercises at 3x5 on strenght days, will see.

3x 30* incl bb/db press 6-8
2x lat pulldown overhand 6-8
2x lat pulldown underhand 6-8
2x flat db press 6-8
1x db flyes 6-8
3x machine rows 6-8
2x db curls 12-15
2x triceps pushdowns 12-15
3x lateral raises 12-15
2x delt pulldown 12-15

Cardio+HIIT elliptical/stepper 25m
4x seated curls 15-20
4x weighted hyperextensions 15-20
4x cable crunch 8-12
2x leg raises

3x db flat bench press 10-12
3x vertical traction/lats 10-12
3x cable flyes 10-15
3x db rows 10-15
3x bb curls 6-8
3x bb triceps extensions 6-8
3x rear row smith machine 8-10
2x shrugs 8-10
2x straight-arm lat pulldown 10-12
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forgottenpass private msg quote post Address this user
Out of curiosity, why do you switch between different targeted muscle? For example, why not just do all chest exercises then move on to other muscles?
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@forgottenpass it's to save time, if I go like that I just finish last exercise of bench bress, move onto back exercise and start doing it right away without a rest. If I have machines/equipment close enough in a gym I sometimes even go back to back on 2 exercises for chest and back or bi and tri without rest during back2back set, so only rest after 2 sets as opposite to rest after every set. That saves ton of time.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
@frame Maybe try some Band TKE's for your quads.

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Jsn3004 private msg quote post Address this user
In my opinion, the best routine is the one you're going to commit to. As long as you're switching routines regularly, then you're not going to progress, and if you do it'll be very suboptimal.

I do fullbody 3x a week. I happen to like the moderate volume high frequency approach so I stick to it.
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@wannabemuscular thanks for the link! Going to try this out.
@Jsn3004 agree
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