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Even the title of this thread makes me uncomfortable.

I have trained in chucks pretty much since i have been lifting, good for deadlifts, comfortable and pretty non offensive to look at..

The only time this kind of falls apart is Squats, a raised heel helps me drop in a little deeper and arch support helps me keep the bridge (i do have a habit of dropping my arch and going knee valgus in chucks).

On occasion I have swapped out to a running/cross trainer.. bonus being a bit of arch support, if I ever venture to some 'cardio' type work a bit of cushioning helps. Awful for deads as my foot squishes into padding and off centers me (why not take them off..well some gyms I use are OCD and dont allow barefoot..and i cant be bothered with the Gym Nazis to take the opening).

My exact setup is,

Nike Roche for Light Leg days and push/pull type work (A guess you'd call these my 'Daily')
Converse for Deadlift days
Pendlay Weight Lifting Shoes for heavy Squats (All variations) (these i have in my gym bag, so swap in and out on demand).

I have thought about going the Nike Metcon route, popular I believe in crossfit, any experiences here? What do you use?
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Idk bro. Squats and deads are barefoot (or just socks) for me. Beyond that my daily footwear is usually a runner or trainer type sneaker. Usually Nike or Asics.

I do have a pair of these link which I'll throw on as a general workout shoe at home. I guess they're kind of like Chucks, but these fit me better. They're wider in the toebox.
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NaturalBrawn private msg quote post Address this user
Ah the luxuries of training at home.. I'd be barefoot all day on Squats and DL's...

Well I'll give these metcons a whirl and give my 10 cents..
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KellyKapoor private msg quote post Address this user
i just wear whatever sneakers i'm feeling. tend to be my jordan true flights because they fit nicely and are fairly flat
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