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How long to get to 200lbs?19153

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Hey all builders , first time poster here

My name is Arthur, I'm a 25 yr old who's looking to take fitness seriously to increase confidence and general well-being. I have seen through a lot of sources that having goals to hit will make a success story more likely so I've now decided to start setting myself goals to achieve and to track my progress.

I've been going to the gym on and off (mostly off) for roughly 3 years, I was a hard gainer all my life but have found that in the past year or so its been wearing off.
I stand at 6'3 and weighed 10 and half st (147) from the age of 17-24, the past year I've hit 12 st (168 lbs) through the same diet as before .

Currently at 168-175 lbs, I do 1 day on 1 day off at the gym so 4 days in one week around 45 min sessions. Diet is where i'm struggling atm, irregular eating but hitting 2500 some days others 3500, mostly healthy and low sugar intake.
I've been doing this for around 3 weeks now and am feeling better all-round but wanted to seek advice on the following:

1) How long would it take me to put on the extra 30 lbs target, staying lean (currently given myself a 8 month timeline, with my current setup - is this realistic?)

2) taking a small teaspoon of creatine pre-workout and post workout ONLY on training days (will be having protein shakes soon with low fat milk - Any advice on supplements (consumption methods and what to consume) is greatly appreciated

3) My aim is to look like the Captain America reveal from the first film (he weighed 200lbs at 6ft tall), since im 6'3 roughly how much more lbs would i need to add to that 200 to gain the same sort of look?

4) Is my 1 day on 1 day off limiting my gains? would a 4/5 days on and 2/3 days off be better? if so how?

Thanks for your time all, sorry for the long post
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The Dark
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Read the FAQ thread first, then post follow-up questions. -3X
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ArthurDMJ private msg quote post Address this user
Seen, thanks for the direction. The FAQ answers mos of my questions and any others seems like things i can figure out over time.

I've decided to try this German Volume Training, looks like it would best benefit my goals.

hopefully will be posting a transformation pic in 6-8 months
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@ArthurDMJ I know you said you read the faq thread, but just to reiterate what it likely said in there. 30lbs of in 8 months is gping to be (at best) 8 lbs of muscle, woth the rest bwing fat. May be worth aiming for a slightly slow rate of weight gain
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