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I dont know if its my split, my intensity, or my freuqency, but Im having to go to the hospital for tears, Im tired all the time, and just now, I could only do 9 of squats, until I felt a sharp pain in my inner quad.
I already have had sharp pains in my right upper chest and my right upper back, but Ive never ripped those muscles before.
My strength is also rising but really really slowly, maybe 5kg every 1 1/2 weeks.

Currently training:
abs+cardio a.m. Legs,Calves p.m.
chest,front/lateral delt,triceps
abs+cardio a.m. legs,calves p.m.

And I do reverse pyramids or rising and descending together e.g. 12/8/6/10/6/10/12 (this is leg press sometimes)
and I generally do about 35-42 sets per larger bodypart and maybe 20-28 for smaller each week.

I really just dont know whats wrong, Ive been recording everyday for ages, until this just happened when I switched splits, but frequency is better right? My diet is on point, and completely for over 7 months (apart from sundays) and my sleep is generally ok.

If any of you found some studies on frequency per bodypart, or just in general I would love some input.
Should I maybe just go back to training only pushing and pulling movements together? only problem is my arms are not very genetically gifted, and proportions were harder to keep
I have a few more questions which Id like to ask but maybe Ill make a shorter thread for them. (they are unrelated to the topic above)
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It's best to train each body part at least twice a week. If your experiencing injury frequently maybe it's time to take a couple weeks off to let your body recover for awhile. I take off o week or two every two to three months just to let by body completely heal...
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Thanks Yeags for the suggestion , Ill try and maybe take a week off.

are you supposed to take a week off every couple of months? As Ive read studies on androgen receptors, and muscle cell stress, that apparently they could become desensitized and so you need to "shock the body" dont know if this is true.

Is my split the best it can be though? as Ive tried to add as much frequency as possible, as long as there is 48 hours rest between smaller muscles or chest and 72 hours for larger muscles such as back or legs.

Just one final question , rips do not permanently alter the way the muscles look?
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