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I'm 37 years old, currently 265lbs at 5' 10". I only have access to Dumbells and a multi position bench. Going to an actual gym is not an option at this time. I'm a fat lazy bastard who loves his beer, TV, video games, and doesn't hate himself for being this way(basic neck-beard kinda guy). But, about a month ago started "exercising" after starting a weight loss competition at work, decided to stick to it, and started worrying about loose skin. So, I've got dumbells and a bench, and slowly trying to incorporate different exercises slowly but surely into a daily routine. If I go all out, I will just quit, so I try to feel out the exercises I enjoy and are challenging at the same time. Right now I'm only working out Arms, chest, back, with a little shoulders( I think). About to put together a leg routine this week to add in. I've looked up so much stuff online/YouTube that my head is spinning, and stuff gets kinda jumbled together so here I am. Goals? None really, and everything at once(Fat loss,toning, building---yeah, I know). Here's what I've been doing/recently started, with noticeable results so far:

Day 160 second rests)*Standing
Alternating Bicep Curls
Sets 1-2: 30lbsx12, Sets 3-4: 35lbsx10/8
Hammer Curls
Sets 1-2: 25lbsx15, Sets 3-4: 25lbsx12
Bicep Curls to Press
Set1: 25x15, Set 2: 30x10, Sets 3-4: 35x8/6
French Press
Sets 1-4: 35x15

Day 260-90 second rests)
Flat Press
Sets 1-4: 35x15
Incline Press
Sets 1-4: 35x12
Decline Press
Sets 1-2: 30x15, Sets 3-4: 35x15/13
Sets 1-2: 30x15, Sets 3-4: 35x12/10
Sets 1-3: 35x12

Day 360 second rest)
Dumbbell Deadlift(1st tonight/really gotta do legs)
Sets 1-3: 35x12
Incline Reverse Flyes
Set 1:25x15, Sets 2-3:30x12, Set 4: 35x10
Single Arm Row
Sets 1-2: 30x15, Sets 3-4: 35x12
Lying Row
Sets 1-4: 35x10

Days 4-6:Repeat
Day 7: Off

These sessions take from 45 minutes to 1hr sometimes, as I will add extra sets sometimes, & extra reps if I feel I haven't tried hard enough. If I fail to get a good rep, I'll pause then try to continue and add a couple reps. I've increased at least 5lbs on each exercise from when I began, and adding the extra sets at times. I also change the order up every 3rd session. My dumbbells stop at 35lbs then the next set I have is 50lbs(getting ready to try those on a couple of these to see what happens). My Cardio is pretty much taken care of at work, although for 1 week, I walked at a pace of 3.5-4mph for 25 minutes immeadiately after each work out and felt better those days.
The following is the Leg routine I'm about to attempt to include:
Half Squats, Lunges, Seated Calf Raises, Front Squat, ?Farmer Carrys?

Once again, I'm a lazy fat bastard that's trying to get shite together. I'm also having a hard time not including Arms into days I feel I can do more. Any advice, dumbell exercises that are more beneficial, or better exercises for a 45minute session is greatly welcomed. And don't forget the hate & trolling, it's vital for survival.......oh, and I try to hit between 1800-2200 calories a day with salad/fat free ranch dressing, bananas for 2 snacks, chicken salad without bread, Six Star Whey Isolate Plus/PostJym(for post wo/breakfast), used Pre Jym & now C4(almost 2 1/2scoops) for pre workout. Macros typically hit about: 45%Carbs, 15% fat, 40% Protien......any comments welcomed.
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West165 private msg quote post Address this user
If you want to lose weight, you need to start with a good diet. You're not gonna see much progress if you add lifting on top of drinking beer and I assume greasy fatty foods. That's like ordering a diet soda with your big Mac and fries. If you're serious about losing weight, check out the FAQ thread pinned to the forum and ask if you have questions.
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West165 private msg quote post Address this user
And just an FIY, don't call yourself a fat lazy bastard. You're obviously taking the initiative to a healthier lifestyle. It's not easy to do.
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Jsn3004 private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah if you call yourself a fat lazy bastard you're just setting yourself up for failure. You can say you were a fat lazy bastard but not anymore. Like @West165 said read the FAQ and let us know where you plan on going from there.
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FattyMcFat private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks. Calling myself a "fat lazy bastard" helps keep me from being content, and backtracking, positive motivation doesn't work on me. My diet has allowed me to lose close to 50lbs since mid October. Natural Light is the best choice of beer, as far as fitting in my diet. Was happy to see Woodchuck Fall Harvest off the shelves. You don't have to give up alcohol to be healthy, I don't know why people think this way.I've only had fast food 3 times in the last month and a half. So, not much greasy foods. Mostly just plain salads, some tune, chicken, fruit smoothies, and some home made deer chilli.
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Yeags private msg quote post Address this user
Alcohol is empty calories so if you drink don't drink much also eat in front of a mirror naked that will make you lose weight 🤣🤣🤣
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FattyMcFat private msg quote post Address this user
LOL I try to stay away from mirrors and cameras. Down another 10lbs since this post, gotta increase caloriesales to lose only 2lbs a week. Yeah, I gotta read the FAQ, heading that way. Thanks for the responses.
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