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Spencer1104 private msg quote post Address this user
My wife is trying to loose weight and I'm trying to get her to do weights with cardio is it better for her to watch her calories and just run and do cardio workouts or eat high protein and good calories while doing weights and a cardio a few days through the week
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Yeags private msg quote post Address this user
Do weights and some cardio for sexy... just cardio to lose weight...
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Salokin private msg quote post Address this user
Help her to appreciate that weight lifting can build muscle, muscle increases lean body mass, more lean body mass equals more calories burned daily.

Get her out of the mindset of "losing weight" and into the mindset of losing fat. These are different things.
The scale is an enemy in this battle for many because they associate lower numbers with progress instead of smaller measurements, looser clothes, and a better looking body.

The weights will help but the battle is won and lost in the kitchen.
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crystalmepretty private msg quote post Address this user
Lift lift lift! And encourage her to look into BF% vs weight. I weigh more now than I ever have (I was scrawny skinnyfat before at 102 at 120 I look way better)
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getfit24 private msg quote post Address this user
One of the best advice ever given to me at the gym was to never neglect weights. So I suggest she does cardio and lift weights while keeping an eye on her macros
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