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Spencer1104 private msg quote post Address this user
I took this a while back for one cycle but within that period of time I gained quite a bit... my question would it be worth it to go back to it I know I'd have to eat a lot and eat the right foods and have little to none alcohol. The only problems I had was hemriod problems which could have been cause I was lifting more than I normally did and a weird feeling in my left side. But it all went back to normal when I started the purify. What health affects are there and would it be ok to do one cycle and see if I'm ok with that size and stop and just continue to lift without demonize?

Thanks ahead for your response
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Yeags private msg quote post Address this user
You'll have to take several preventive supplements to curb side effects such as titts liver protection joint aches and pains low testosterone after cycle etc etc I believe I'd just go natural and skip all the drama that it comes with. Just lift hard it takes time to build muscle stay patient and skip the short cuts...
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Saram44 private msg quote post Address this user
Is it possible to rush Essentiale Forte in this case I know this is a good drug for supporting the liver!
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pumpit private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, i would also advise supplements for prevention.
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fitnessfreaky private msg quote post Address this user
Supplements can help you to stay healthy, but I think you should talk about this with a doctor, in case you had problems with your health in the past. I personally got some good results with this supplement: Maybe it is good for you, too, but if you want something which protects your liver, I can't help you, because I don't know which is best for that purpose.
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keylemike private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry to say I have not tried that one yet. So I have no idea about it. But I have used some supplements which work well. They helped me to reach my goal. Try this Healthy Self Programs
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