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Thomas_Rascon private msg quote post Address this user
Hey guys, I just recently picked up powerlifting about a month ago and I am obsessed with it I want to get really good at it and hopefully be competing in an advanced level one day. I am 15 years old, I weigh 145 pounds, and my 1RM on each lift is: Squat 215, Bench 170, Deadlift 315. I have only maxed out a couple times. I am thinking about doing a meet this spring and I have some question beforehand. Am I good considering that I just stated? Do I have potential? How should I program myself before doing to a meet?
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
@Thomas_Rascon Welcome to SS. I love to see young guys like yourself pick up this passion. At 15 y/o of course you have potential. I think those are nice starting numbers for a 15 y/o. Don't worry about maxing out too much. Just get on a program and stay consistent with it. Eat lots, rest lots, and progress.

I would say, why not do a meet? You'll get experience and maybe start building some camaraderie with fellow competitors in your area.

If you haven't already, check the two sticky threads at the top of the forum. Lots of good info there. Make sure your diet is in check to support growth.

Good Luck!!
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Jsn3004 private msg quote post Address this user
You definitely have potential. You're only 15. The vast majority of people start lifting a few years after that, i'd say usually around 18.

Like @wannabemuscular said, don't focus so much on maxing out too much. Worry about building your strength not testing it. And consistency is key.

That 215 will turn into two plates soon and you'll get that 2 plate bench sooner than you know. Good luck!
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Thomas_Rascon private msg quote post Address this user
Okay. Thank you guys so much for the advice @wannabemuscular and @Jsn3004 it really means alot to me
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Beans private msg quote post Address this user
The amount of time lifting is a big factor in how strong someone is. I wish I started lifting at 15, but didn't start until I was in college.

One thing you'll learn is that nobody worth a damn cares about how strong beginners are. They appreciate that you like the sport and work hard. I think you're numbers are good for 15, but never worry about not being strong enough. Just lift consistently and do you.

I don't compete, but you have nothing to lose by competing and can at least get some experience seeing what a competition is like. The environment is a lot different than in your gym.

For programming... I have no idea how to approach a meet! But as @wannabemuscular said, read those sticky threads, lots of useful info. Some of my favorite programs are Stronglifts 5x5, push/pull/legs variations, and Candito's 6 week program.
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