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Need advice for bulking/mass18447

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Topic more or less, im getting back into working out after a long long break, now my issue isnt being overweight i have crohn's disease so its extremely hard for me to gain weight, now once ive been back in the gym for about a month just getting my body used to this again, but i was looking for the best way for someone like me to put on size, Should i superset? Should i lower the weight or higher it each set?

Ive read shit on the net and the info is all over the place, hoping theres another skinny guy on here who had success and is willing to share.

Thanks in advance guys, im currently working out at home i was plannin on getting a personal trainer for a few days once i sign back up to a gym, just to see what type of program they give me based on my specific issues.
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@TecK Putting on size isn't really about what kind of sets you do. It's about your diet. You can do supersets, high reps moderate weight, low reps heavy weight, blah blah blah. It won't matter if you're not eating enough.

How to you deal with your Crohns? Are you able to find foods that allow you to eat a decent surplus?
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Well, when i was going to the gym religiously before i was able to eat 4 meals a day, i supplemented the rest of my protein with 3-4 shakes, its hard to explain but like i just dont have much of an appetite because of it, and then even when im hungry i cant just smash food down because of the surgery i had i get stomach pains after every meal so i REALLY have to force myself to eat, usually end up in pain if i eat more than 4 meals a day not to sound gross but i dont go to the bathroom like that regularly due to the crohn's as well lol, i know diet and rest is very important, i was just curious if lowering weight / increases it per rep what might be better to put on size, but yeah i do understand its about eating.
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Are there certain foods you can handle more of? What about red meat? I'd say focus on high density foods that pack a punch on calories. This way you don't have to eat as much volume, but maybe can get the calories you need.

If food is an issue I'd say you're better off training higher intensity with high weights. Just my 2cents.
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