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So basically I have noticed my legs and shoulders making great progress. Howevery arms, chest, and back (not as much but atill not great) have been lagging. I want to focus more emphasis on those areas, but dont want to lose muscle mass in my legs and shoulders. Right now I have been doing once a week training in all areas (usually chest, back, rest, shoulders, arms, legs, rest). Ive been thinking about doing arms and chest twice a week and cutting legs and shoulders back to every other week so i can maintain my strength... Good idea or bad idea? Other advice will be greatly appreciated. My stats are below for your reference.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 153 lbs

Heavy Set Range (max weight i can lift between 5-7x reps)
Squat: 250 lbs
Shoulder Press: 100 lbs
Bench Press: 120 lbs
Rows: 150 lbs.
Dumbbell Curl: 60 lbs (30 per arm)
Tricep Kickback: 60 lbs (30 per arm)
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The Dark
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Bad idea.

How long have you been training? -3X
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emphasizing and de-emphasizing (what you're basically talking about) is something that is a useful tool for very advanced lifters, where a long training career has brought noticable differences in weak points vs strong points, or people who simply have built up to such a level, where the amount of volume/intensity needed for a bodypart/lift to progress is more than what is possible to progress on simultanously with doing the same on other lifts.

You're nowhere near that, and i literally cannot imagine you, given the stats you provided, have a big enough difference in development in one musclegroup vs another to warrant that.
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You'd probably he better off still trying to progress in all areas and equal out of over time than drop some muscle groups. Just working out muscles more often won't necessarily make them grow if you're already training them imoroperly to begin with. I would try changing some technique or exercise selection first.
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