Hey everyone!
Glad to have come across this forum. I came across fitness stories of many members here. Reading this would inspire others too to take up this journey and achieve their personal fitness goals.
I just wanted to drop and tell my story too. I was born into a family with health issues related to obesity. So there wasn't much inspiration I could look for within my immediate environment. Though I had realized the need to be fit quite early on so I tried everything that I could to lose weight.
I went ahead and made changes in my diet and even joined the gym near my place. But I lacked motivation and gave up too easily. My cheat meals used to turn into cheat days and cheat weeks even! My brother and I decided that we needed to try the 'buddy-system' whereby we motivate and encourage each other all the time to achieve our weight loss goals. We even enrolled ourselves at this weight loss program for men here in Toronto. Though we had initial adjustment issues due to our lack of fitness, we were enjoying it towards the end. Now a few months later, we are almost there and ensure that the other person doesn't give up on themselves.
You just have to try and figure out what is best for you, to be honest. It may be a trial and error of sorts, but trust me, it is worth it!
Now that I have lost my weight, I am planning on building muscle and becoming ripped(haha!). If anyone has any suggestions or recommendation on how I should go about it, I'd be extremely grateful