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8-12 Week cutting Macros/Workout Program18121

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Hi everyone,

I am 5'7" and 168 lbs.
I am looking to cut over a period of 8/12 weeks depends on progress that I'll make.

1. I just want to know your advice on my macros?

1974 Calories
180 Protein
192 Carbs
54 Fat

2. I have been lifting following the tabata training program in the following link over the past 4 weeks. (

I like it a lot but I am looking for another training program tabata or not I am open to new suggestions, if you guys have any advice on that it will be awesome

Thank You
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The Dark
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Feel like your total kcals and carbs a little low, and protein is a little high. Have you read the two sticky threads? There's some good advice on routine in both of them. -3x
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I would bring Cals up a bit as that is pretty low given your weight. Also, remember it's consistency over these 8-12 weeks that will bring results. Follow a diet that you can actually maintain for those 8-12 weeks and you will see results.
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simben12 private msg quote post Address this user
I am really consistent with my diet, and I could keep keeping it up with it.
After 2 weeks of cutting I dropped 4 pounds but I can't hit my carbs intake of 192 lbs a week, and ate an average of 163 g of carbs.
I decided to change my macros to
1759 cal
140 carbs
51 fat
185 protein

Is it a good or bad idea?

Thanks for your advice
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