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Please Read this

When I was growing up i used to exercice but not with weight i only used my bodyweight. When i was 12 years old both of my niples started to hurt after i did a chest workout and i did not do as much chest workou until it went away. When i was 15 years i did not feel that and it was the first year that i started working out at a gym with weight. I made not as much progress beacuase i stopped doing and i only worked out like 2 times a week every week. But in march 2016 i started to workout 5 times a week and i made a lot of progress. Now this was my 3rd month working out and i did made a lot of progress. During my transformation my pecs got bigger and a lot of people grabbed them and touched them. I have never felt this hurting problem in my nipples or in my chest but last wensday my friend was grabbing my pecs very hard and it hurt. The next day i think that i somehow touched my right nipple and it hurt and i felt like if i had like a little bean under my nipple and it was hard. I didnt feel this on my left nipple and instarted to get scared because i think that this is sometype of tumor, i really hope its not, but i was searching online for this type of problems but it only showed that 12 years old had this problem and it was part of puberty. I dont think that this is a part of my puberty because I already had the problem that they say they had when i was 12 years old and this is different. I didt feel lumps under my nipples or at least i dont think i had them. Onother people said that they only had or have a lump under their one of their nipples and i dont think this should be happening to me. Please i need help with this. Tell me if this has happen to so of you or what and what should i do. I can feel the little ball under my nipple and it hurts please help.
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Go to the doctor
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Originally Posted by SOLARSUPLEX
Go to the doctor

Second this. You don't want to put things off when it comes to your health.
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@Betin135 As others have said, see a doctor. Especially at your young age. Better safe than sorry.

Also, search this "pubescent gynecomastia" on google. Sounds like you.
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Thanks guys
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