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NEED HELP leg workouts!!!18037

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Hey guys so really I want to bring out my legs but genetically I carry a good amount of fat around my legs. Plus I'm a size 32 in pants but every time I try on a size 32 the pants look like leggings. I workout legs twice a week, one heavy and one light mixed in with plyo's. When I mean heavy I'm going around 245lbs 6-8 reps on squats. I just started doing cardio (slow and steady) currently weighing 181lbs. I need to help on a solid leg workout what will get my legs lean. Please need help, I'm posting 2 pictures of my current status
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A workout won't get your legs lean. Having a low bodyfat percentage will make your legs leaner. I'd recommend bulking up though, you're lean enough. I'd follow a program and stick to that and your legs will become more developed. If you make your own program, I recommend reading this first.
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