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hello guys need help with this push pull leg17917

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PUSH A Paused Bench 5x5 OHP 3x5 Flat DB Press 3x8-12 DB Flyes 3x10-12 Side Raises 3x8-12 Incline Skulls 3x8-10 Pushdown 3x10-12

Pull A Weighted Pullups 5x5 T-Bar Row 4x8-12 (1arm)Reverse Pulldown 3x8-12 Rear-Delt Fly 3x8-12 Barbell Shrugs 3x8-12 Barbell Curl 3x8-10 Incline Hammer Curl 3x10-12

LEGS A: Squat 5X5 Leg Press 3x8-12 Stiff Legged Deadlift 4x8-10 Hamstring Curl 3x10-15 Standing Calf Raise 4x10-15 Seated Calf Raise 4x15-20 Ab roller 5x max reps Cable Crunch 5x15-20

PUSH B Incline Bench 5x5 Incline DB Press 3x8-12 DB Shoulders Press 3x8-12 Lower Cable Flyes 3x10-12 Cable Side Raises 3x10-12 Weighted Dips 3x8-10 DB Overhead Ext. 3x10-12

Pull B Rack Pull 3x5 Barbell Row 3x8-12 Pulldown 3x8-12 (1 arm) Machine Row 3x8-12 Facepull 4x8-12 Preacher Curl 3x8-10 Reverse BB Curl 3x10-12

LEGS B: Front Squat 5x5 Lunges 4x8-12 Glute-Ham Raises 3x10-15 Leg Extensions 3x10-15 Seated Calf Raise 4x10-15 Standing Calf Raise 4x15-20 Leg Raises 4x max reps Weighted Crunch 3x10-20 Side Twist 3x10-20

right now im bulking, around 3000 calories, 24 age, male 6'2'' weight 166 only taking creatine i dont burn out but i did switch from all the 5x5 to 3x5 because its too much. any suggestions?
its a routine from online couching and youtube student.

the reason i ask its because i love the gym and hit it hard but since its a ppl i dont train to failure. my only big concern is idk if 3000 is enough or im not recovering. i can handle a 5 day routine a week but idk which one would apply to me i dont like full body or upper/lower (tried upper/lower 3 months didnt like it and full body its 3 days a week not for me
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The Dark
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There are two stickied threads that will give you more than enough info. One is the FAQ thread. The other is the Routine for Dummies thread. Both on the main forum page. -3X
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o thanks!
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