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Post Partum Body Fat Loss17872

powerofnow private msg quote post Address this user

I am new to this thread but i have been looking through forums on weight loss, strength training and getting rid of muffin tops relegiously.

I have a 11 month old baby who is still being breastfed but I would like to start a routine of losing weight particularly reducing my body fat percentage as i hear that is how i can effectively reduce my muffin top.

This is my 3rd c - section and so far i havent lost any weight post partum and i am significantly bigger than i have been before.

I do not eat meat or chicken so i am a pesto-vegetarian and i also am cutting out dairy, grain and sugar from my diet.

I am 5"4 and weigh around 11stone 5pounds give or take a pound or two and ideally i would like to be 9 stones.

I would like to know what sort of exercises i could do to lose overall body fat percentage whilst still maintaining muscle, i do not want to become unhealthy by losing muscle that i shouldn't.

Could anyone recommend any good dvds to do, as I am a stay at home mom and my son is still breastfeeding?

Thank you for reading x
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
No meat, no chicken, no dairy, no grain, no sugar. And breastfeeding.

You need to see an MD and a dietician, because you aren't going to believe my advice anyway. -3X
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powerofnow private msg quote post Address this user
Well the no grain, sugar and dairy is because of a chronic condition i have which causes inflammation when i consume these foods, these are allergies. But do you believe it is too much?

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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
You're attempting an exclusionary diet in an attempt to lose fat, in a situation where most OBs/Pediatricians would likely advise that getting enough nutrients in your diet for your child's breast milk should be your first priority.

I'd also point out that it's not actually possible to have a sugar allergy. Whomever has led you to believe that is not correct. Inflammation? Possible. Allergen? No. Since your body turns all of the foods we eat into glucose, strictly speaking you can have an intolerance but not an allergy. What pathology have you been diagnosed with?

So, yes, too much. -3X
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powerofnow private msg quote post Address this user
Well, i have chronic skin condition and it has been diagnosed i have allergies in dairy, and wheat similar to those whom have celiac disease. Upon research i realise in order to repair my 'leaky gut' i must cut out all refined sugars, grains etc.

The not eating meat and chicken has been a decision i made at the start of the year and i just up my intake of protein with plenty of green leafy veg x

The exclusion diet is in a attempt to clear my skin condition and overall health but i wanted to know what exercises if any i would be able to do whilst breastfeeding. It sounds like a lot to be honest, but my baby also suffers so this is why the elimination diet is something i would like to try out.

I may just start with one to begin with so no essential nutrients are being depleted from my diet.

Do you recommend any exercise? or just to keep it to the elimination diet? x

Thanks for replying x
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
There are no vegetables in any combination that can replace meat products entirely (unless you plan on consuming an entire pumpkin and several turnips daily) because foliage do not have the same amino acids- namely adequate leucine, isoleucine and valine, the aminos responsible for growth and tissue repair.

See an MD and registered dietician. I have concerns that you're likely not getting nearly enough kcals, since you're excluding so many calorie dense foods.

The only restrictions for exercise would be ones that reproduce pain/discomfort along your incision line from your surgery. -3X
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powerofnow private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for explaining to me, i will do.
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A_em private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, @powerofnow!

@eknight gave you some good advice (as always) to see a MD and a dietician.

Why don't you stop breast feeding if you have to struggle so much? 11 months seems to be enough in my opinion.

+when it comes to exercise- once you have a green light from your doc, I would say plyometrics combined into tabata training helped me a lot in sheding fat after pregnancy. BUT. If I had known what lifting heavy will do to my body- I would have done it straight away

Have you worked out before you were pregnant? What kind of exercise?
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powerofnow private msg quote post Address this user
hi a_em,

I remain breastfeeding as i am a stay at home mom and i believe the breastmilk is better for his skin than formula. Also this condition and the food elimination is nothing to do with breastfeeding it is my own health condition i need addressing x

Thank you for the useful exercise techniques, i have not done any exercise, so i am a proper newbie lol. I want to incorporate some weight training in my routine to maintain my muscle mass so i may look into beginning weight training with small dumbells maybe. Can you recommend any good dvds as i wont be going to the gym? xx
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emmyweird84 private msg quote post Address this user
Both @eknight and @A_em definitely are giving you great advice. I can't relate to the baby fat issue, but overall belly fat in women isn't an easy feat. But like A_em mentioned any tabata or HIIT training will help with fat loss. I would shoot for a DVD that covers that.
Though, heavy lifting does amazing things!! I know you're not going to a gym and purchasing that kind of equipment is an investment. But maybe when you feel you have the time to go to a gym you should really consider it. I don't know about the exclusion of meat, I know there's great alternatives out there for people who don't eat meat. Though it's an ethical decision to not eat meat, I understand that. But I wouldn't exclude it when it comes to strength training.
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powerofnow private msg quote post Address this user
thank you, im going to look into tabata and hiit trainng x just dont want to lose muscle mass
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A_em private msg quote post Address this user
@powerofnow, PMed you.

Good luck
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Method private msg quote post Address this user
I've never heard of a pesto-vegetarian...Do you eat fish? Pescatarian? If you are eating fish, great, if not I'd recommend a vegan protein shake. It really doesn't sound like you are doing yourself any favors with the diet you're on. You definitely want to make sure your receiving the proper nourishment especially while breastfeeding. Although the baby will typically always receive proper nourishment form the breast milk, it will be very taxing on your body. I'd focus on getting your diet in order before you worry about post partum weight loss or muscle gain. EK makes some good points.
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powerofnow private msg quote post Address this user
hey method,

yep im eating fish so that makes me a pescatarian lol.
This diet is basically to heal my skin, but i have just taken out dairy and gluten, not sugar yet as i did not want to overload my body.

Yep thank you for the advice, i am watching my diet using the myfitnesspal app to make sure im getting all the right nutrients.

Thank you
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