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My dad is looking to lose some weight. He is 56 years old, weighs 210lbs, has a desk job and works out 3 times a week. His TDEE is 2244 calories, so he should eat about 2000 calories. At first I figured he would eat 250g carbs (1000 cal) and 180g protein (640 cal), but that only leaves him with 31g fat in a day. If I lowered his protein to 160g, that would still leave him with only 40g fat. Should I change it up at all?
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Sounds like you are being too specific unless your dad has problem eating bad food all the time. I would recommend you try to keep it simple for him. First just hit his daily calorie goal and then try to eat 170g of protein and fill in the rest of the calories with anything for now. If he can do that then you can get more specific about carbs and fats but you don't want to over complicate things.
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