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Hey I am still somewhat new to the world of body sculpting and such but I have decided that I really want to start strength training at the gym. I used to just do body weight strength (I have used dumbells but really infrequently) and hiit cardio at home by following videos.
I do want to improve my whole physique (as we all do), however my particular insecurity and area I want to improve the most is my bust.
I am aware that I cannot increase the actual size of my boobs, but I do want them to look nicer, lift them, have a little bit of cleavage.
I am a B-cup so there is a little something to work with. I want to know if any of you more experienced women have had some nice results through sculpting and also any particular exercises, advice and general wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hey @julezy97!

Exercises that come to my mind which could help you attaining your goals are:
bench press
incline dumbbell bench press
reverse flyes
push ups

I'd go with heavy weights.

Apart from them what is the most important to keep your breasts in a good 'shape' is a proper size of the bra (most of the women wear inappropriate size), masaging them regularly with cosmetics, avoiding sleeping on your stomach, and smoking.

Keep in mind that when you cut- they will get smaller either way.
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