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Circuit Training vs Isolation17717

emmyweird84 private msg quote post Address this user
I know everyone has different routines, but I was just curious on what everyone's opinion was on this subject.
(Hey! What day is it?'s hump day!...sorry too much caffeine this morning)
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Question is too vague. Depends entirely on individual goals. -3X
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
When friends come to train with me that are not very 'into' weights i'll use circuit training as a way to keep things fun and get their heart rate up. Everybody struggles to flat bench, deadlift and squat their first time so we avoid those for a while and ease them into it.

For me personally? Circuits can be a lot of fun, but i would never replace my traditional weight lifting with them.

You can incorporate a circuit into almost any weight routine however. Banded walks with bodyweight squats and box jumps are a great way to end a hard leg day.

The 'shoulder shocker' is more or less supersets but could be seen as a circuit.

inb4 she tries to sell us a book on circuit training.
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