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Right tricep everyday soreness. Help needed17712

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Hey all,

I'm 19 and been working out on and off for about 2.5 years. During the last months I experience something strange. I feel that my right tricep gets sore very easily just by doing simple things. E.g When I lay down on my bed holding my phone with both hands, after some time my right tricep will start hurting. Basically it happens almost on every activity I do, simple or not, that involves tricep usage.

Now imagine what happens in the gym, especially on Chest days. When my right chest has a bit hard time lifting the weight, my right tricep comes into play, and at the end of the workout I result with an almost pumped right tricep. (And I believe this is why my right tricep is bigger than my left one)

So basically because of that everyday tricep soreness, I find it very hard to train, especially on chest days (and other pressing exercises).

So far I've tried using some cooling and heating gels (Like Perskindol) applying them on my right tricep area before working out. Seems like it helps me out and partially reduces the problem.

Any other suggestions that might help me or what is the problem here are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Cold should always be after working out. Could be tendonitis. I know this thread is a little old. Any luck?
I had elbow tendonitis and it really radiated up to my shoulder and even down to my wrist. Not the tricep area though. Look into BFST wrap. They stimulate the blood flow and great to use before a work out and also for injury recovery.
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