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Haven't posted for a long time gents so good to see you all again, my question is concerning recovery.

I've been training for over 5 years now, and the last 2 weeks my doms have been the worst they have ever been without really changing much.

I'm 24 and train 7am, get home and eat well before work before munching on fruit, rice cakes etc before rice and meat at lunch and then a good dinner. Currently on creatine and hmb too.

So my question is can anyone explain why my doms have been so bad recently? And also what do YOU find the best ways to recover?

Cheers boys
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SOLARSUPLEX private msg quote post Address this user
Yiu must have changed something in the past weeks.

Training intensity
Lifts being performed
Sleep quality
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Jsn3004 private msg quote post Address this user
There has to be something different in your life, whether it be your training, diet, stress, etc. If everything is the same i'd try taking a few days or a week off. It couldn't hurt and can also be beneficial.
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