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workout routine help?17629

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Hey guys I'm new to the forum and looking for some insight. Im a skinny 6' 1" around 180 lbs and trying to gain weight/muscle. Ive figured out my macros and have been getting my diet in order to fit my needs(chicken,rice,eggs,steak, peanuts, PB sandwhiches for snacks, protein shakes). I work out of town a lot and the hotel I stay in is very limited to equipment so I'm hoping you guys can help me create a routine. There are dumbells up to 35 lbs, an inclining bench and a thing called paramount xft 100 thats adjustable horizontal and verticle and weights up to 65 lbs each side and a chin up bar. Ill include some pictures. Im here monday-thursday night so I can work out 1-2 times and the rest in the city. All comments appreciated.

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Eat all around u don't limit itself to the list above.
I need all the cals u can get.

On the days ur not out of town.. Squats, bench deadlifts and lots of volume.
On days in that terrible gym... Maybe weighted lunges, step ups, flat db press, standing DB OHP, cable pull downs and cable rows and pushdowns !!
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Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated!
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